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Our Collective Spirit Is Their Enemy

Member Testimonials

  • My membership promotes the family atmosphere and everyone really helps each other out, he said. We believe in the collective voice and move towards positive changes in our profession.
    John Bratcher, FSM

  • During the dark days of the White Book, I could no longer sit back and watch. I wanted to help defend the rights of our employees and our profession.
    Nate Pair, ZLA

  • “NATCA ZFW has joined the relief effort for those affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma. When looking for whom and where to donate we found two future controllers who were awaiting Academy classes. Both JoAnna Hoopes and Jeremy Roan lost everything, including their cars which they only had liability insurance. We are asking facilities to donate what they can so we can help purchase cars for two future controllers. In order to purchase two vehicles we have set the goal at $15,000, and that’s just the beginning.
    Nick Daniels, ZFW

  • I can honestly say I never considered doing anything other than air traffic,” Nicholas said. “I remember coming into work with my dad when I was in high school and thinking it was the most interesting thing I’d ever seen. I was hooked from then on.
    Nicholas Rousseau, ZME

  • I applied for the FAA while the White Book was in effect and I was working for the DoD. I knew that NATCA was the only one fighting for us to get any of our rights back, so joining the Union once I was hired was never a question.
    Amanda Stierwalt, ICT

  • I knew before I started at the Academy that I wanted to be a NATCA member.
    Lisa Cyr, Boston TRACON

  • Actually coming from a small town like I did, |dq|union|dq| was not well known. So I did not have much knowledge about the function or the goals of a union. My eyes were opened when I got to go to my first NATCA in Washington. After seeing what we are as a whole, what we do as an organization, it was all over and I was all in!
    Andreas Sanchez, ABQ

  • I was well aware of NATCA before being hired by the FAA, and there was never a doubt in my mind about joining.
    Chris Perdue, BNA

  • As soon as I went to the FAA Academy, I went to those Reloaded events. I realized they were there fighting for my rights, even before I worked as an air traffic controller. I wanted to continue the legacy and hard work that NATCA does, and help not only my career, but also everyone else's career.
    Jenny Benjamin, LNK

  • The hurricane had a major impact at LaGuardia. Prior to the storm, the FAA had decided to start releasing personnel and reduce staffing as we knew the airport would be closed. NATCA members who lived close by immediately volunteered to remain and man the operation to ensure the safety of the facility/operation and their coworkers who lived farther away. Those remaining worked long shifts and quick turnarounds to keep constant staffing. Local NATCA representatives voluntarily cancelled collateral duties and union details to return to the facility to relieve those who stayed.
    Bill McLoughlin, LGA

  • NATCA is my tribe. It’s who I belong to.
    Russ Miller, ZFW

  • I think of the seasons of the year not just as Christmas and Easter and Halloween but also as lobby week and Convention and Communicating for Safety. It’s part of the fabric of my family
    Russ Miller, ZFW

  • Those that thought they could bring this great union down underestimated the pure passion and strength of the professionals that built this union, the new activists that joined it, and all that were determined to see that aviation in the United States continued to be the safest and most efficient in the world
    Tim Leonard, ZMA

  • NATCA means a lot of things [to me],” said Burrington. “But the main thing is it’s a great group of people who use their collective voice to improve our pay and our working conditions
    Lyle Burrington, ZDV

  • Our union is only as strong as the people in it
    Lyle Burrington, ZDV

  • Whenever I needed somebody I knew someone would be there for me and have my back, if not at my local then somewhere else in the Eastern Region
    Chris Boughn, ZDC

  • NATCA for me…it means solidarity,” said Scot Morrison, “It’s the workers joining together for the common causes that we have
    Scot Morrison, LNK



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